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To track your journey you can choose among three options: use a smartphone with an embedded GPS system, input manually data about your route on the the Endomondo website, import a .gpx file with your journey created with another GPS tracking system.

a. Use a Smartphone

Download the free Endomondo App on your smartphone and log in.

Google    BlackBerry     windows     iPhone

Choose the sport clicking on the preselected one and then click on on “Cycling, Transport

App_01_Inizio   App_01_Seleziona_Sport 

Start the tracking clicking on the “Play” button


When you finish your journey, stop the tracking clicking “Pause”, “Stop” and “Done” or “V” buttons

App_04_Pausa   App_05_Stop 

If you are connected to internet your journey will be uploaded in real-time into Endomondo website, otherwise it will be uploaded the first time you will connect to internet.


b. Insert a journey manually

Enter the website www.endomondo.com and log in.

Click on “Training” and then on “New Workout


choose “Draw route for new workout


and draw the route on the map, when you have finished click on the “Next” button


Remember to choose always “Cycling, Transport”, insert the date and the time (approximate) in which you made your journey and click on “Save”. Your journey will be uploaded into your profile.


c. Import .gpx file from other devices

If you already track your journeys with other devices which create .gpx files, you can import your files clicking on “Import from file”.


select the file and click “Next


don’t forget to select “Cycling, transport” from the list!